It can be hard to stay fit while traveling. It’s a lot more difficult to stick to a routine when you’re moving around frequently. Your environment and access to certain equipment changes. There may not always be a gym available.

Often times you’re tired from a long day of traveling and just don’t have the energy to motivate yourself to work out. I completely understand the feeling. So, I’ve put together a list of fitness tips for travelers that have worked well for me.

Here is some of my advice to keep you healthy and feeling good while you’re out there seeing the world!




Bouncing Soles Fitness Tips:



Find and online class you like. 


This has been the biggest help for me. Jon can motivate himself to get out of bed at 4am and jump into his fitness routine. I, however, require a little structure. 

For me, it’s daunting to have to come up with a routine for myself every time. Many times just the thought of it has discouraged me from doing anything. (Yes. I’m lazy.)

Then, I found a Youtube channel I really liked. I watch the BohoBeautiful exercise videos. Their voiceovers can be a little…dramatic let’s call it. But, they are always positive and the workouts are awesome. 

Her videos are lots of yoga and pilates mixed together. She also has preset week-long challenges laid out and that really helps me stick to a regular schedule. 

This way, someone else does the thinking and planning and you just pop on the video and follow along. Trust me, these workouts get results!



Bring a little bit of gear

We are all about minimalist packing over here at Bouncing Soles, but it can be very helpful to have some workout gear in your bag. You just want to make sure it’s lightweight and easily packed. Here are a couple things that have been useful for us. 


A Resistance Band

This gives back some of the workout power you lose when you don’t have a gym. This one has been particularly enjoyable for Jon, who likes to lift weight. It can be frustrating to only use body weight, since you have to do more reps than if you had equipment. 

So, having some resistance is great! It’s effective, satisfying to use, lightweight and doesn’t take up space in your bag. Here is the resistance band we use.



A yoga mat

You’ll be this excited about having your own. But, you won’t be this cute. Sorry.



These are also lightweight and easily packable. Most backpacks have straps at the bottom that will fit a yoga mat perfectly. This is the bag I use and it works like a dream. Having a mat with you means you can get your workout in anywhere. You don’t have to worry about trying to find a towel to bunch up and put under your lower back so you don’t hurt yourself.

For me, it has also meant that I workout more frequently and regularly because I have a designated area. Something about putting the yoga mat down helps me set aside time to use it. So grab this eco-friendly travel mat and do your thing.





It’s tempting to take trains, trams and busses to get where you’re going, but try to walk as much as possible. There are a couple benefits to this. For one thing, you’ll see a lot more of the place you’re visiting. 

You get a much better feel for a city when you walk through its different neighborhoods and watch it change. You’ll discover bakeries, cafes and venues that you would have just zipped by if you were on the train.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly if you walk you can justify all the beer, pastries and pasta you have! 



Plan active excursions


This is a simple one that’s also really fun! Tailor your activities to match what the place has to offer. For example, if there are mountains, go hiking or skiing. if there are rivers and lakes, go swimming or paddleboarding. 

This helps keep you fit and makes for a more fun trip!



Drink water


I know everyone is obsessed with this seemingly obvious advice lately, ever since Gwyneth Paltrow said water with lemon would cure old age & grossness…or something. But, it actually is really important when you’re traveling.

Getting dehydrated makes you fatigued, gives you a headache and keeps your body from being able to protect itself as efficiently against sickness. That’s one reason I always carry this nifty water bottle around with me.



Eat well-ish


Don’t miss out on amazing local food, just balance it with good choice. Always work those fruits & veggies in somewhere. Your diet makes the biggest impact on your fitness. You can work out as much as you like, but if you aren’t fueling your body with the nutrient dense foods it needs, you aren’t going to get the results you want.

A fun way to do this while traveling is go to local farmers markets. You can buy fresh food from nearby so you get to experience the area and be kind to your body at the same time.  

Another thing to consider is that gut health is linked to mental health. There is a link between poor gut health and anxiety. If you aren’t giving your tummy the right ingredients to work with you may end up feeling nauseated and nervous. You definitely don’t want your stomach messing with your ability to enjoy your trip, so get your probiotic foods too!


Ok, now you’re armed with some of my most useful fitness tips. Best of luck and, as always, remember not to compare yourself to other people and don’t be too hard on yourself. Life is short. Have a good time. Be mostly healthy and be kind to others and yourself!

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