Let’s talk about your backpacks, travel bags, and how to pack for a trip! My advice boils down to this: get an efficient backpack, a comfortable travel bag and, unless you’re moving cross-country, avoid anything that seems like luggage. You don’t need that much stuff.

A backpack can make or break your trip. A good one is the right size with efficient storage and ideally has cool little pockets to organize your things. (Also, I just like pockets. I think we all do!) A bad one doesn’t conform well to your shape, distributes weight poorly and makes you miserable every time you pick it up. Read on to find out about some good backpacks and what you should put in them. I’ll also give you some packing tips!



Admittedly my joy in this pic is more related to being on Bali than to the backpack. …but, it’s the backpack too!


This is the backpack I brought with me on our year-long trip to Asia and Europe last year and it was awesome! I put that thing through its paces and it held up like a champ. Rained on in Bulgaria, crushed under me on a bus in Vietnam, hanging off the back of a scooter on Bali, tossed around, dropped in the mud, smushed in overhead bins on airplanes – nothing damaged it.

I recommend this one for a trip of any length. 40 liters of capacity makes it just the right size, has lots of places to store and attach things (lots of carrying capacity) and most importantly, it was really comfortable.


Hiking Or High Capacity 


This hiking backpack with an internal frame is a good choice if you feel you need more storage or you’re doing a camping trip. This lets you pack more provisions and it comes with a cover, which can be extremely helpful. It has molded padding that supports your back and lets air flow between you and the pack, which truly makes a big difference in how comfortable it is!


Daytripper Or Every Day Use

I like this backpack for a short trip or as a day pack! It’s cute, canvas is nice and I like that even though it’s a smaller bag, it still has multiple zippered pockets on the inside and outside. This one is perfect as a school bag too! I used it when we were driving around the states and it served my purposes perfectly. And as previously mentioned, it’s cute and sometimes it’s nice to have a cute bag, damnit!


What Do I Pack?

You can take a little more than this. But, not much!


I’ll tell you my general strategy. I pack only 1 of everything with a couple exceptions. For example, one pair of shorts, one pair of long pants, one dress. I bring several shirts and plenty of underwear. (Speaking of underwear, ladies, you can read my travel advice for women here. It’s mostly about how to pee in different places.) These yoga pants are perfect for travel: comfortable, they don’t take up any space and they are easy to clean.

The Tile Mate 4 pack gets a mention because it is a handy little device. Attach these tiles to your stuff, (bag, camera, phone) download the app and then you can locate your things if you lose them! You can share items with friends on the app so if you have a tile on your phone and that happens to be what you lose, your travel partner can use their Tile app to find your phone. Pretty helpful!


Packing Advice

Fill a small bag with one large, irritable cat. That’s my advice.


1) Pack conservatively

Once you’ve chosen the items you’re bringing, go back through them and take some out. It’s good to be prepared, but unless you’re doing a lot of backwoods camping and you really have to get that water purification kit ahead of time, you’ll be able to find necessities at your destination.

Example: Don’t pack a winter coat just in case it gets cold at some point. Wear a light, comfy jacket on the plane. If it gets cold a few weeks or months into your trip then buy a coat there. Places have coats! Donate it when you leave. This will save you so much space and weight in your bag.

Believe me on this one. Traveling makes you feel free. Traveling light with just a small backpack makes you feel unstoppably self-sufficient and fiercely liberated!


2) Know The Carry-On Rules

Check the airline weight requirements for carry-on luggage before you buy your backpack and then purchase a bag sized accordingly. Stay beneath the limit unless you want to spend a lot of money on checked baggage. Buying a bag with the weight limit in mind will help keep you from overpacking.


3) I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good…

You are allowed to bring small bottles of liquor in your quart-sized liquids bag. You’re not technically supposed to drink your own liquor on the plane. I have given you facts. Do with them what you will.


Alright, so this bag is for short trips or every day use, this backpack is the perfect one for any trip and this hiking backpack will treat you right for camping trips or if you want to bring lots of stuff.

There are plenty of other backpacks available in the shop. We have all kinds of styles, colors and shapes so you’re sure to find something you like. Happy packing, everyone, and have fun out there!

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