My tips on staying healthy while traveling revolve around always having healthy travel snacks at hand, yoga exercises and developing a hotel workout that you enjoy! 

It can be hard to stay fit on the road. We’ve  all gotten to the point where we’re so hungry we eat any excuse for food that’s put in front of us.

We’ve all been so tired that the idea of going for a run would be laughable if it didn’t make us cry first. So, here are some things that are manageable and easy to do consistently to keep yourself in good shape while you’re globetrotting.



Yoga Exercises 

One reason yoga is so great: stretching counts as exercise! Just lie in bed and lift your legs up. Congratulations, you did a yoga.


Wait. Don’t write me off just yet.  I’m not a yoga girl, but I am a girl who does yoga. What I mean is, I’m not going to try to sell you detox tea or expensive spandex.

I also mean you don’t have to have excellent balance or be fashionable. This is for you to feel good, not for you to look like all the Instagram yoga models out there. Forget them.

Here are things you don’t need for yoga: The perfect bra that makes your boobs look good in every position, to already be in shape, to already know how to do poses. 

Here are the things you need for yoga: A body.*

(…and, let’s be honest, probably a yoga mat because the floor really hurts and rugs or towels don’t  do the trick.)

 Yoga exercises are great for your physical and mental health. You don’t need to be doing impressive handstands, just do the basics. It will make you feel good.

Read my article about accessible, simple yoga exercises to get you started!

(*Quick note – I recognize some people are unable to exercise due to physical challenges. My comment about only needing a body to do yoga isn’t intended to be insensitive to anyone who may be facing those challenges.)  




Keep Healthy Travel Snacks Nearby

When the hunger hits. Cookies, crackers, chips – I WANT IT ALL AND I WANT IT NOW!


 I know fast food is processed evil, but put me on a 14 hour bus ride with no snacks, make the only stop a fast food place and watch my values die. I will order many things and never speak of it to anybody. 

We all reach a crucial point where, no matter what our convictions are about eating well, we get so rageful in our hunger we say, “I don’t care. Give me anything.” Or, at least I like to think this happens to everyone else. 

To protect my conscience as much as my general feeling of well-being, I keep snacks around. Fruit and nuts are great! But, they’re also bullsh%t! They are the perfect in-between snack. But, if it’s all I have, I become angry. I usually also bring popcorn and then definitely something more filling like a veggie sandwich of some kind.

That’s the real key. Always bring something a little more filling or you’ll find yourself in line at whatever slop-slinging place is open. Any kind of nut butter sandwich is great.

Eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies. It’s  obviously good advice in general, but especially so when you’re on the move. Your body really needs those tasty vitamins. 




Develop A Hotel Workout

I’m confident any professional personal trainer would tell you to bounce on your bed like this.


This doesn’t mean you have to be in a hotel. It’s just a routine you can do with little to no equipment,  so a combination of yoga and calisthenics is great!

We also recommend having a resistance band as it really gives your hotel workout a boost! It adds to the number of exercises you can do on your own and it’s super lightweight and fits easily in your bag!

For me, the Youtube channel Boho Beautiful has been extremely helpful.  These are all perfect hotel workout videos.




 Don’t Booze Too Hard

Me ignoring my own advice at 11am.


It’s tempting to constantly celebrate freedom when you’re on a trip, but the freedom is no good if you feel like garbage. Alcohol also lowers your immune system’s ability to protect you, making it only a matter of time before you catch a cold or flu.

Additionally, it does zap you of energy. I love to have a few drinks, but I can’t deny the fact that I do feel so much more energized in the morning if I haven’t had any alcohol. So, celebrate,  but reign it in at some point. 



 Sleep, Kiddos!

Don’t fight it.


Your body needs time to recover from all the flying, time zone changes, hiking, sweating, dehyrdation, stress etc. Don’t push yourself too hard. You’ll get to see everything. The coliseum isn’t going anywhere, you can afford to stay in bed a little longer.

It’s OK to devote time to resting. I frequently see other travelers pushing themselves too hard and expecting too much from their bodies.

If you’re on vacation and you only have one week to do everything, then I can understand the pressure to explore. However, if you’re living the digital nomad life, every day is part of your trip. Traveling is your 9-5 and you can’t treat it like you’re only there for a week or you’ll burn out.


Now you know a few of the things I do to stay mentally and physically fit on the road: yoga exercises, keeping healthy travel snacks around and having a great hotel workout routine.

These tips can work for you too. They’re simple, they don’t cost anything and you can exercise them all to your own ability.

Most of all, remember not to be critical of yourself and don’t compare yourself to other people. You are important and special and you’ll find whatever combination of healthy living works for you. 



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