There are a bunch of fun things to do in Munich and we really enjoyed our time there. It’s a clean, interesting city with lots of green space and plenty of great beer.

You should always have a beer in your hand during your visit and with a biergarten every fifteen feet you should have no problem accomplishing this. (Biergarten is a term that means “beer garden” which you could never guess unless you speak fluent German. *This is sarcasm, trolls.*)

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Here are some great things to do in Munich!


Munich, Germany
Cost of Living Relative to the US (Rent)24% Less Expensive Than US
Cost of Living Relative to the US (Restaurants)5% Less Expensive Than US
Free Workspace With Fastest Wi-Fi(Comment and let us know!)
Cost of AirBnB / Night (Cheapest Private Room)$11 / Night
Cost of AirBnB (Average for Entire Place)$35 / Night
Cost of AirBnB / Month$900 / Month
Cost of Hotel / Night$50 / Night
Cost of Hotel / Month$1500 / Month
Co-Working Space / Month$400 / Month
Domestic Beer (Restaurant)$4.71
Domestic Beer (Market)$0.79
Bottle of Wine$5.37
Cup of Coffee$3.24
Meal for One Person (Restaurant)$11.72
Pack of Cigarettes$7.41



I thought this might be cute & whimsical, but turns out I look like I’ve just finished constructing an evil plot.


Do you hate it when there’s a big selection of tasty treats available to you? If so, don’t go to this market! You can get a lot of different kinds of food here. The Viktualienmarkt has plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, honey, butter, jams, wine, cheeses, meats, herbs & more. It reminded me a little of the walking streets & night markets of Thailand and Malaysia, but cleaner and without the stomach-turning smell of dried squid. 

Several stands sell traditional Bavarian foods such as sausages, pretzels and potato salad, which is way more fun to say in German. (Kartoffelsalat!) Pick your favorite things and take them to the nice beer garden in the middle to sit and enjoy yourself. 

The Blumenstands sell beautiful flowers and floral arrangements, some native such as Edelweiss, some imported such as some other kind of flower name. Our favorite stand was one near the beer garden that had olives and a whole bunch of different spreads to put on the large pieces of fresh bread they sold. 

A quick tip from a money-saving dirtbag: The beer prices can be high at the market. They were particularly silly when we were there because it was during Oktoberfest. If you want to have a few drinks, but can’t pay the prices (about 5-9 euro per beer) there is a REWE (grocery store) just a few minutes walk from the market and you can get the same beers there for a euro, sometimes less. Yay!  

Hanging out in the market was one of my absolute favorite things to do in Munich. 



Englischer Garten

Summer bring a bathing suit and beer, fall bring a book and coffee.


This park in the middle of Munich is over 900 acres in size! There are wonderful bike and walking trails, beautiful places to sit along the Isar river & it even has a Japanese tea house. It’s the perfect place to spend a day reading, playing games, drinking more beer, and doing yoga & exercising…not necessarily in that order.  

The Englischer Garten is so large, it conceals one of Munich’s best kept secrets which is the next thing on this list!



Surf Eisbach

Photo: Riverbreak


You probably didn’t think you could surf in the middle of Bavaria. You’re wrong, you dummy! The Eisbach is a standing wave in Munich. Pretty cool.

Give it a miss if you’re a beginner, though. You need to have a little understanding of surfing because, unlike in the ocean, you don’t paddle in to the wave and then stand up. You have to jump directly onto the wave on your board. Oh, and fair warning it is also very cold. 



Beer Gardens

I know this is supposed to be about the beer, but I’m looking at that sweet smile.


You’re spoiled for choice and where you go depends on the vibe you want. If you want to experience the chaotic energy of being in a massive hall filled with people drinking huge beers and eating huge sausages, then go to the famous Augustiner Brau (different from the unique brewery in Salzburg) or the historic Hofbräuhaus München. 

It is madness in there. People pack the place out daily and there is often a live band playing traditional Bavarian music. You kind of feel like a peasant at the village feast. This place will be perfect for the rambunctious, outgoing person in your group and a nightmare for the quiet or anxious one. 

At the other end of the spectrum, there are kiosks that are nothing more than a little hut slinging brews and brats. These are my favorite. They are also much cheaper than the famous guys. Several of them line the park and we would always stop at Kiosk an der Wittelsbacher Brucke when we were biking back to Giesinger from downtown.

*Extra fact: Giesinger is a neighborhood in Munich. Some beer lovers started brewing in a basement a few years ago and called their brewery Giesinger after their part of town. People loved it so much they quickly grew out of the basement and are now set to have their own tent at the next Oktoberfest. So, make sure you pick one up while you’re there to try something local! 



See Tribute To The Weiße Rose 

Replicas of the flyers they gave their lives to distribute.


This is a horrible, but inspirational piece of history. The White Rose was a student group who opposed Hitler. Many of them had been brought up in the Hitler Youth and grew to truly understand and then vehemently oppose what he stood for. Two active members of the group were brother and sister Sophie and Hans Scholl. 

The siblings were distributing flyers at the University of Munich when the Gestapo came to arrest them. They refused to recant their beliefs or make any kind of deal with the Nazis. They were sentenced to beheading and at 21-years-old Sophie Scholl bravely walked to the guillotine saying that her own death did not matter if, through it, thousands of people were stirred to action. 

To me, this is a reminder of the true power of individuals. An organization as militant and powerful as the Third Reich didn’t dare allow a couple college kids to distribute flyers. That’s significant. It means no matter how hopeless the circumstance, no matter how great the forces that seem to oppose us, one person can effect change. One young girl can threaten an entire government.

Outside the main entrance to the University of Munich where they were arrested, there are bronze replicas of the flyers they distributed embedded in the ground. 



Museums on Sunday 

Look at an art.


Ok, well that last one was morbid so let’s bring the mood back up with something that has nothing to do with beheading: free admission to museums on Sundays!  Many of the museums offer free or 1 euro admission. This provides a great opportunity to take a quick break from being an uncultured sot. There are a ton of museums in this city so you have plenty of choice! From art to natural history & antiques, you’ll be able to find something that interests you. 



So, there you have some cool things to do in Munich! One last suggestion is to rent a bike and get around that way. It’s a really pleasant city to explore by bike! I hope you all have a great time and enjoy the city as much as we did. 

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