Polaroid film is fun and bringing a mini Polaroid camera with you on your trip is a great idea! It’s exciting to have the picture in your hand right away. You can give it to someone you meet as a memento or leave them somewhere for a stranger to find. Jon puts them into his journal next to an entry which makes it fun to read through later.

There are all types of Polaroid cameras and films that allow you to make  unique memories. And by the way, this would be an excellent thing to pop a Tile Mate on so you can get it back if you lose it anywhere along the way! 

Sure, a mini Polaroid camera fits all the criteria of being a hipster accessory, but it is genuinely cool enough to be worth having anyway. Something about Polaroid film captures moments in a different way. 

When I decided to write about it for you guys, I took out some of our old photos so I could include them in this article. After a few minutes flipping through them Jon and I were both crying. We laughed at ourselves, but we also felt grateful for recording our memories through this medium.

Polaroid film makes every picture look like it was taken in your good old glory days even if it was just 30 seconds ago.

Here are a few examples of some of our favorite memories. They won’t mean as much to you as they do to me because you don’t know all the context, but just assume they all have epic stories behind them. 



We had been driving all day and it was now midnight. We were tired so we pulled off the road in the middle of nowhere North Dakota to sleep in the car for the night. A huge storm hit around 3am and the golf ball sized hail woke us up. A tornado appeared suddenly in front of us. It all happened too fast for us to try and get out of the way way so we just held hands and watched as it touched down in front of us and bounced over the car. When the sun rose, we saw that we were surrounded by fields of sunflowers for miles and miles on all sides as far as we could see.




North Carolina has a special place in my heart, rooted in my childhood. I love to lose myself in the woods, swim in the cold rivers, wander through fields of cotton and corn. Jon and I have spent long months in the mountains just the two of us and I love those memories.





We lived in a treehouse on the island of Kauai for several months. No electricity. Solar heated shower. We would sit out on our balcony, drink wine and play games with a deck of cards we made out of the cardboard from a PBR 18 pack box. If the sun went down and we weren’t ready to go to bed, we had an oil lantern we used for light.





Across the street from our favorite place to drink wine in New Orleans there is a train yard right on the water. We used to climb the fence and wander around, sometimes climbing up onto the emptied coal cars to get a good view of the downtown skyline lit up at night. (Disclaimer: Probably not a very safe thing to do. But, it was romantic.) In case this looks confusing, this picture is me in between two parked trains and the strip of color at the top is the incredible sunset that evening.



In our digital world, there is something special about the permanent & unchangeable nature of Polaroid film. It’s even more unchangeable than regular camera film, which you can still alter somewhat based on the mixture of developing chemicals and time you allow the photo paper to develop. 

But, with a Polaroid camera, you press the button and that photo can’t be altered afterward. You can’t increase the saturation or lighten up the shadows. What you see is what you saw, exactly how it was.

You also don’t waste your shots. With a digital camera, you might take 15 different snapshots of the same scene just to be sure you get what you want. But with film, because you have a limited amount, you tend to only take one shot making that photo unique and precious. 


Hopefully you can see by looking at the pictures how incredible Polaroid film can be. I promise, having a Mini Polaroid camera with you on your trip will be really fun. It’s small, it’s light and fits in a backpack easily. (This is the best backpack, by the way.)

It’s a good idea to order enough film ahead of time because you probably won’t be able to find it most places you visit. Also, remember to take the film out of your bag and ask security to hand check it at the airport or the X-ray machine will ruin it! If you have a packet in your camera already then ask them to hand check the camera too.

If you’re interested in this fun little hobby, check out all the types of Polaroid cameras & film available here! If you do start using these and you feel like sharing, we’d love to hear your stories and see some of your pictures! Just post them on Instagram and tag us @thebouncingsoles. We hope to see some of you out there! 











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