Get a Tile Mate or, even better, the Tile Mate 4-pack so you don’t have to worry about a lost passport, lost wallet or lost phone.  Honestly, it’s something you should use in your daily life even if you aren’t traveling (looking at you, college-aged me who thought your body could handle shots).

A quick disclaimer before you read this article, the company isn’t paying us any money to write this. We just think it’s a good product.

We have a store here at Bouncing Soles and we only sell things we believe truly offer value to us as travelers & photographers. We choose things that are useful or maybe just really cool. Anyway, we’re happy to offer the Tile Mate and Tile Mate 4 pack.


How It Works

Have fun seeing the ridiculous places you leave your valuables.


Tile Mate is something I wish I could have had when I first started traveling and I know Jon agrees. He has dealt with a lost passport and lost wallet which is a hassle, but it’s worse when you lose something in a foreign country that can’t be replaced.

Jon lost his personal journal once at an airport in Australia and although I’m sure it was a fun read for the people who found it (hopefully adults), it was devastating to him.

By the way, if you’re nosy like me, you’ll be happy to know you can read our personal journal entries.  Speaking of, please take a journal with you on your trip and write! You won’t regret it. 

So, we added the Tile Mate 4 pack to our store because we think it is truly useful.

It’s pretty simple. Here is how it works:

  • Download the Tile Mate app.
  • Click the plus sign and follow the activation instructions.
  • Then, use the Tile Mate app to make your stuff beep until you find it!

If your things are out of earshot that’s not a problem, the app will show you where it’s located on a map.



The Benefits


Community Of Helpers

Look at all these nice people just waiting to help you find your stuff.


Another very cool thing about Tile Mate is that everyone who uses it can “activate” the community aspect. This means that if you lose your wallet at a bar and someone who also uses Tile Mate finds it outside the bar you can contact them via the app to recover your stuff. It’s not foolproof or thief-proof, but it definitely gives you a much better chance of getting your sh*t back and that can be a really valuable thing when you’re on the road.

How many times have you been unable to find your phone because it was on silent? One of the things I like about Tile Mate is that if your phone ringer is off or the phone is dead the Tile Mate attachment will, of course, still ring. All you need to do is add your device to a friend’s list so they can ring it for you.

Once, when we were in Ireland I lost my phone. It had six months worth of memories from our Europe trip stored on it. I was understandably heartbroken. We lucked out because Irish people are mostly awesome, lovely & friendly and the person who found my phone went out of their way to find me.

But, even though people are kind, it’s unusual that you get your things returned. I got my phone back because we were in a really small town full of great folks who passed the word along quickly. If we had been in a large city or on any kind of public transportation it would have been gone forever along with all our memories of such an amazing trip. So, to me, it’s worth just popping the little Tile Mate attachment onto my stuff.



We’ve all seen the documentary film about Crocodile Dundee in New York. We know new cities can be confusing.


If you get the Tile Mate 4-pack and you have a travel buddy, you guys can help each other find your things. But, it can also function as a safety measure if you get separated for any reason, especially if one person’s phone is dead. If you both have Tile Mate you can find the other person’s phone on the map and reunite with your buddy. (As a side note, it’s always good to have a plan on how and where to meet up if you get separated.)



Tile Mate is a great thing for folks to have, especially travelers. We are advocates of very minimalist, intentional packing here at Bouncing Soles and a Tile Mate 4-pack is something we think deserves to be in your bag…and on your wallet, phone and passport.

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